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Charles Neubach



I work with sello tapes, in order to create handwriting, maps, and grids as well as vibrations. I imagine the city as an abstract network, emotional, it's part of the creation process. Concentrating on black, white and gray allows me to produce a strong visual impact with vibrations. In my different work, I change the operating process, order, forms and colors to stay in a kind of formalism. Then I concentrate on the gesture, the work in progress and the spray paints in order to get the“light wave”I wish for. At first the main color is determine almost in“emergency”, then I work around the chromatic circle. I am coming back little by little to the lines, handwriting, buildings shape, like I was doing before as a street artist. On some other works I am exploring my travelling experience, the road, the different maps to go from an A to B point. My work is exploring the lines, the intersection, the direction, the superimposition.

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