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Charli Clark



Charli is a mixed media artist concerned with planet Earths future.

The Earth’s climate is changing faster than scientists had previously predicted. How responsible are current human lifestyles to this change? The future of the planet is of vast growing concern as Homo sapiens habits and attitudes, which threaten life on Earth, carry on unchanged. In a society where change is seemingly the only antidote, Charli is concerned for the generations and species of tomorrow. In art she has found a voice in which she seeks to enhance the awareness of issues, encourage stewardship and increase respect for nature. Since learning of the ecological problems we are faced with and are responsible for, Charli has altered her lifestyle and wants to inspire others to do so too.

What do we understand of the natural world? How do we know so much of what we do not encounter first-hand? With the development of technology, media and the internet, information, knowledge and data have become increasingly accessible. We are able to watch natural events from the comfort of our sofas at any time, how can we be so informed, yet so ignorantly destructive of nature?

Humans, nature, do we co-exist or just inhabit the same Earth? Whilst making comparisons between human and animal behaviour, Charli works towards increasing reverence and appreciation for nature and all its inhabitants. Creating links and common threads between the two make for some light-hearted and sometimes humorous outcomes. She is concerned for the possible future we are heading towards, but playfully explores the subject, inventing fictional scenarios of times to come. What will future generations think? How will the world around them have changed and what will they understand of nature?

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