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Chilo Eribenne




Chilo Eribenne

www.chilo.co.uk info@chilo.co.uk

Born/Geboren: London, England. Lives and works/lebt und arbeitet in Vienna/Wien



2000-04: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien

Diploma (M.A.) Fine Arts (1st)/Diplom mit Auszeichnung


Solo Exhibitions/Einzelausstellungen

2016 Theatre of Self Destruction – So Weit Die Zukunft, Vienna

2016 Rock Chick – Self Destructive Female Icons – Das Packhaus, Vienna

2014 Charlie’s Angels – Tongues, Vienna

2014 Love Thy Neighbour – Eyes On – Month of Photography, Philadelphia Bridge Library,Vienna

2014 Believing – Eyes On – Month of Photography - Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung, 1020 Vienna

2014 Exhibition Space Opening of Branko Andric Centre for Art and Cultural Research, Vienna

2012 Past to the Present, Artistic Strategies, Jetzelsdorf, Lower Austria

2007 Photo Wall/Video Wall, Le Meriden, Vienna

2007 Photo Wall/Video Wall, Kunsthalle MQ, Vienna

2005 Kunsthalle Project Space, Vienna

2003 Semper Depot, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Group Exhibitions/Gruppenausstellungen

2017 The Past, The Present and Future of Power in Fashion & Textiles – IKL, Vienna

2016 An der Situation Arbeiten, IKL, Vienna

2015 theRED, Kunsthalle Schaffhausen, Switzerland

2014 Geschichte Willkommen, Pop Up Exhibition, Wien Museum, Vienna

2014 Death and Dying – MAG3, Vienna

2012 The Chic Boutique – DIEAUSSTELLUNGSSTRASSE, Vienna

2011 The Revolution Will Be Televised (And Broadcast on the Internet), IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna

2010 Imaginaere Graf-klasse, Xpedit Kiosk, Vienna

2009 Personae - Atelier Operngasse, Vienna

2009 in passing – death, identity and 4 show stopping songs – K/haus, Vienna

2008 Gefährlichste Kamera- Quartier 21 – MQ, Vienna

2008 Sony Ericsson Urban Galleries – Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

2006 Küss die Hand - Waldheim After – Sezession Wichtelgasse, Vienna

2005/06 EuropArt, Peace gerollt – rolling billboards on the streets in Vienna and Salzburg

2005 Computerprintsofwhales – City of Wels Gallery, Wels

2004 Just what is it...? # 1 – Kunstraum Innsbruck – Projektraum, Innsbruck

2004 Diploma Exhibition – Atelierhaus, Semper Depot, Vienna

2004 Born to be a Star – Künstlerhaus, Vienna

2002 Open Door Day – Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Publications and Catalogues selection/Ausgewählte Bibliografie

2014 eyes on – Month of Photography, Vienna

2014 Living Fluxus – Benjamin Patterson catalogue

2008 Real lives – real stories – Kunsthalle Wien project space karlsplatz

2007 Rock Chick – Photo Wall, Video Wall Catalogue

2006 Küss Die Hand - Waldheim After

2006 Born to be a Star, Catalogue

2006 Shejay http://www.shejay.net/articleDetail.php?articleID=445

2005/6 EuropArt, Peace gerollt, Catalogue

2005 Skug Magazine www.laton.at/flyer/LATON.pdf

2005 Loop Festival, Catalogue

2005 Famal Stuart, Catalogue

2004 Long Night of Music, Catalogue

2004 Skug Magazine http://www.skug.at/index.php?Art_ID=3024

2004 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Graduation Catalogue

2002 A Short Film About Smoking, Catalogue

2002 Images Festival, Catalogue

2001 Wien Live, Magazine

2001 Falter – Cover Feature


Performances (selection)

2016 When The World Comes To An End, Move To Vienna… Because Everything Happens There 20 Years Later! – World Premiere as part of Wienwoche, Vienna

2013 Radical Presence - Performa 13 Biennial - Roulette, New York

2013 Sam The Sailor Enters The 21st Century – English Box of Tricks - Wir Sind Wien – Festival der Bezirke, Wien

2012 “Super Tuesdays in Ben Patterson’s Play-room”– Nassauischer Kunst Verein Wiesbaden

2009 death, identity and 4 show stopping songs – K/haus, Vienna

2001 An Artist's Fête In The Secession – Secession, Vienna

2001 Laton Showcase – Batofar, Paris


Curatorial Work/Kuratorische Arbeit

2011 The Revolution Will Be Televised (And Broadcast on the Internet)



2012 The Present to the Past. Artistic Strategies, Jetzelsdorf, Lower Austria

2004 University stipend to work abroad


Public Collections/Offentliche Sammlungen

The Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna/Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Wien

Ursula Blickle Video Sammlung/Collection

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich



2017 The Past, The Present and Future of Power in Fashion & Textiles – IKL, Vienna

2012 Xperimental and Advanced Youth / Music Culture and Future Art Scenes in the Centrope-Region – Slavonice, CZ

2006 Panelist during critical discussion on stardom, power and the position of women – Künstlerhauspassage, Vienna


Film and Videography/Film Und Videographie

“Love Thy Neighbour” to be completed in 2017

Documentary film set on the Austrian border with the Czech Republic


“The Red Shoes” – 2016

Digital Video single screen installation 3 mins

A fairy tale turns reality – what a nightmare!

2016 So Weit Die Zukunft, Vienna


“Dead Funny End” 2007

Digital Video single screen installation 3 mins

Searching, chasing, dreaming and laughing through the streets and over the bridges of Venice. An homage to Nic Roeg’s “Don’t Look Now.”

2007 Video Wall, Kunsthalle Wien, MQ


“Over X Poseur” 2006

Digital Video single screen installation 3 mins

Fame, fortune and the artist in emotional freefall.

2006 Pantheon Xperimental Film Festival 5.0 Nicosia

2006 Liverpool Independents Biennial

2006 FREeSHOUT Art Fair Montespertoli

2006 Ladyfest Hannover

2006 Ladyfest Berlin


“Every woMan Imaginable” 2004

Digital Video Installation 2 mins

Concept/Director: Chilo Eribenne

The video questions the music industry’s fast food, short shelf-life bands.

2006 Remise - Bludenz 

2005 Loop Video Arts Festival – Barcelona

2005 Ladyfest – Goteborg 

2005 EU – Famul Stuart – Ljubljana

2004 Diploma Exhibition - Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

2004 Part of project “Chicks” at “Born to be a Star”, Kuenstlerhaus Vienna

2004 Just what is it... # 1 - Kuenstraum Innsbruck – Project Room


“A Short Film About Smoking” 2002

Digital Video 27 mins

Writer/Director/Producer/Actor: Chilo Eribenne

This film concentrates on a young woman’s addiction to tobacco. We explore how she is aware of her addictions and as with many addicts finds kicking the habit a hard reality.

2005 Whitechapel Gallery - open screening London

2004 Schikaneder Kino - Dedicated to..., Film Co-Op Vienna

2004 Star-O-Mat, Kuenstlerhaus Passage Vienna

2004 Ladyfest, Kuenstlerhaus Passage Vienna

2003 DreiRaum Film Festival, Vienna

2003 Open Door Day – Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

2002 Hollywood Megaplex, Vienna

2002 Kautzen Seedcamp Festival Waldviertel


“Being sHe” 2001

Digital Video 2 mins

Writer/Director: Chilo Eribenne

Good girls always say thank you, Drag Queens do too.

2006 The Wormhole Saloon – The Whitechapel Gallery, London

2005 CultureTV.tv

2005 Reel Women Network Night & Screening, Oxford

2002 Images Festival, Toronto

2002 VideoFormes Videoteque International Festival, Clermont-Ferrand

2002 Women’s Film and Video Festival, WUK, Vienna





Love Thy Neighbour

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