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Claire E Hind


Claire E Hind/ Drawnbyhind Artist

‘My hand is my faithful tool’
I am a Lincolnshire born, Surrey based artist specialising in line drawings and acrylic paintings.
From a young age I have developed my drawing ability into using ink or pen on paper. For my black and white drawings I do not use a pencil or other means of guidance and my line is precise and clear. ‘Have I eaten recently?!’, ‘Suck on that!’ and Jarred Macropus’ were all free hand drawn in The Hunterian Museum with onlookers as my witness.

With focus and awareness each line demonstrates extensive judgment, structure and intricacies of the object in relation to its actual size. The unusual subjects I draw from observation show aesthetic realities that question the essence of life and our belief systems. Currently I am challenging what our societies culture believes to be acceptable, normal or conventional art. Alongside my drawing I produce acrylic paintings that include The Queen in the fish ‘n’ chip shop. My paintings capture realism and exceptional likeness to the subject with an unconventional edge.

I strive to progress and further advance both my technical capability and my visual language and I hope to be internationally recognized for my talent.


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