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Claire Jarvis


Claire Jarvis (b. 1983) is a UK artist now based in Northampton after completing her MA in Painting at The Royal College of Art in 2009.

Claire’s work predominantly focuses on the instability and uncertainty encountered within everyday banal rituals, where settings are staged and mutated to create a narrative laced in psychological tension and anxiety.

Often highlighting an almost perverse obsession with surface and proximity, Claire explores themes of hygiene, waste, sustenance and consumerism in a way that often mimics 17© still life seen through a portal into an alternate dimension, bending the relationship between fact and fiction.


Selected shows

Bootcity at the Museum, Northampton museum and Art Gallery (09), Dare to Know, Benjamin Franklin House (09), Through the Wall, A Foundation, Rochelle School, London, (09), Show RCA 2009, Royal College of Art, BCA Painting Interim Show, The Burren College of Art, Ireland (08), RCA Secret 2008, Royal College of Art, Credit Crunch, Howie Street, Battersea (08), Caption, Hockney Gallery, London (08), Celeste Art Prize, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane (06), Under Scan, Fishmarket Arts Centre, Northampton (06).

Claire is exhibiting internationally as well as locally and been selected for a number of contemporary art competitions. During 2007 she was awarded with the Stanley Smith Scholarship and in 2009 received the runner-up prize for the Gordon Loot Award for Fine Art.


Claire Jarvis

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