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Claire Zammit



Originally a self-taught and practicing portrait artist I have more recently received a formal education in Art practice, completing an MA at the Universtiy of Westminster, which has influenced the conceptual development of my work. My interests center around the multiple nature of identity, it’s influences and constraints in Western society.

My current work explores the role of memory, nostalgia, life experience on our perceptions of imagery.

 My work attempts to connect to the audience by using recognizable, or archetypal images (either bespoke or re-presented archival, media images and found images), selected for their feel and atmosphere, tapping into some sort of shared memories or experiences and semiotic associations. These images are used as source material for a variety of pieces, sometimes re-presented in an altered and ambiguous format (are they prints or paintings?), which questions the “truth” normally associated with photographic images. Yet other pieces use archival familial or famous media photographs, where the content of the images themselves are modified in a way that questions the audience’s initial perceptions and alters the image’s original narrative. 

These works play with the idea of “truth” and its mutability, through altered perceptions.

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