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Clare Smith


Clare Smith's work is concerned with failed attempts to structure or make perfect. Through a playful and sensitive exploration of materials, she enables strucutres and forms to develop.  Recent work comprises contemplative pieces involving repeated marks and makes use of ready-made grids or constructed quasi-grids. 

"I think that structures, ordered spaces with everything packed neatly into boxes is what will give me safety or is what I want, but actually, they don’t, the structures just collapse … there is something ridiculous about trying to make things fit. Perhaps, my work is about things not quite fitting.

I draw as a way of slowing down. The act of drawing is a curb on the urge to ‘do something’ and repetition and process take away the anxiety of not knowing what to draw. Although I try to resist the gestural, my hand cannot be fully controlled: the personal cannot help but make its mark - a kind of insistence - ‘the self rushing up to the surface'(2)"

Clare Smith's work embodies process and emphasises the importance of making. Her choice of materials is informed by her mixed Chinese/English cultural heritage.

Interview with Gary Shipley for Script Journal: "anonymity fails, the self will out"


Personal Exhibitions/Projects:

2013: Transparency, with Korinna McRobert (Leytonstone, Red Lion pub)

2012: In the Making (Space Gallery, Folkestone)

2012: The Voyagers (a response to Dover’s Bronze Age Boat)

2012: Series of photos (printed as posters) in former Centurion House  Box Gallery (Dover)

Recent Group Exhibitions:

2013: RiTUAL. Bookshow 110 CHURCH Gallery, Philadelphia

2013: Come As You Go (Crate Space, Margate)

2012: Meeting Room (Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks)

2012: Leytonstone Arts Trail (Norlington Road Studios, Leytonstone)

2012: FAB 2012 (Stall Street, Bath)

2012: Inclusions (The Stone Space, Leytonstone)

2011: Beta, (Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks)

Collaborative projects:

2012: White Happy Hour with Joanna Jones and Alma Tischler Wood (London Biennale 2012)

2008: Dover’s Moveable Feast co-curated with Joanna Jones and Alma Tischler Wood; day for artists to eat and perform (London Biennale 2008)

2007: One day Museum of Arrows and Archery co-curated with Joanna  Jones (London Biennale Dover Pollinations)

Recent work

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