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Cliff Baard



My aim is to paint esoteric art comprised of sensory overlays and tonal values that merge to provide a unified experience of the universal principles underpinning physical reality. My desire is not merely to reveal the beauty of creation but to question its very existence. I invite the viewer to discover something new each time my art is viewed.

Over the years I have developed and explored new techniques in my desire to express through art my personal discoveries concerning the nature of reality. Each creation starts with a sketched vision which becomes a rough-cut titled drawing. I then transfer the sketch to canvas and use oil paints to create something new and inspiring. The new techniques developed while painting landscapes became the catalyst that has allowed me to bring my vision of 'Cosmic Fire' to life.

My art provides the viewer with a glimpse of what I consider to be the systematic evolution of form. It is intended to indicate to humankind the part we each play as “atomic units” in a greater corporeal whole. The paintings included in “Cosmic Fire” reveal a hidden universe that is only now beginning to be explored.

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