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Clodagh Walsh



Digital & Social Media Specialist

Media Planning & Buying Agency background from Mindshare to Carat across a variety of brands personal faves run from Amex to Philips to Guinness. Luxury Fashion brands from Gucci to Hermes & a few boutique ones in-between.

More recently I have specialised in social media - a rare breed of folk - to create and develop the strategy that through engagement, integrated across media, digital & social is in on-brand & on-message – and in line with the objectives of the brand: e.g. Apple, DSGi, Expedia, Levi's, RocketFuel, Tesco, major global networks and a numbers of start-ups in between and all of the Top 10 Agencies along the way.

I had a brief sabbatical as the Commercial Director for the launch of a pioneering fashion & design title in-between which I have to say was a great deal of fun. 

When I'm not doing that I traditionally answer questions on 70's Pop Music & Trivia.......

Specialties:digital | social media | not to mention Trival Pursuit questions on 80's iconography! & I am currently the in-house Resident Entertainment Officer here at The Clodagh Consultancy and acting as Commercial Director for a number of exciting new film releases!

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