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DAP is a retired editorial newspaper artist. He became head of multimedia art at his newspaper after passing his B.A. degree in multimedia communication in 2001. Upon retiring in 2007, he began working  on his contemporary art portfolio. In recent years; he and Rigabow Jones' have formulated their style and ideas into a new form of contemporary post modern art, which they call 'Still Motionism'.

Date of Manifesto 17/10/2015
The manifesto of the still motion group is as follows:

1, Without time, motion would be perfectly still, so time and motion go hand in hand.The still motion artist's work should show movement through time be it parts of a second, seconds, minutes, hours or years. It should be apparent at first glance, how the motion through time is being depicted. It need not be like frames of an animation or film, but it can be. The work could be a montage of time snapshots or any depiction the artist comes up with so long as motion is depicted as events in time, or movement through time.

2, The work should not be abstract, and the movement through time should be clearly understood by any viewer, reader or listener of the work.

4a, The creator should show intention so as the viewer/reader/listener can know; in the instant they come across the work, the idea and thought process of the work.

4b, Following in the footsteps of the Intenist movement, our manifesto takes the following adapted statement from their manifesto: That like the Intentists, we celebrate the 'creative trail' in our work by frequently keeping elements of the editing processes in our work, and in works that lead up to the final production piece. This layering of ideas is called 'palimpsestism'. (Taken and adapted from the Intentism Manifesto).

5, Art that has to be art in a gallery to be classified as 'art', isn't art. (Taken directly from the Stuckist Manifesto of 1999). 'Found art' should not be the major element of the work

6, The work can be in any format the artist desires.

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