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I have always had a passion for art in all its forms and studied Art and Ceramics in my early years and then later, in my twenties, studied Ceramics and Design, City and Guilds. But I decided to keep it as a hobby and to enter the business world.

I  set up my own website called Fotographicmemory.com which was mainly to do with photo montage and photo enhancement.  I included some of my art that I had digitally created to add some colour to the website. Although my montage business was working, I was getting a very positive response to the art, so much so that a local gallery decided to take some of my pieces to see what would happen. I have now sold to individuals through them as well as to some local offices privately.

I decided to take the next step and create a website purely for my art, called The Deni Lillian Studio. This went live in January 2010. This is a completely new venture for me combining what used to be a hobby and my business knowledge to get exposure and sell my work.

I have painted in many mediums most of my life.  I tend to paint digitally now, but still go back to my easel now and then.
My art is modern and fun, colour gives a tangible reality to my work. It creates a link or conversation between my mind and the outside world. It forms the basis of my art. Inspiration comes from the colours I see in the photos I take or what I see around me.

 The world can be very monochrome even when we see in colour and I am motivated to create positive art and bring the colour alive.  Who I am comes out in my work. I am confident, lively and like to push boundaries, all the while looking deceptively normal!



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