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DOLPH Projects



DOLPH is a not-for-profit visual arts group based in Streatham Hill, South London, run by two artists, Paul Cole and Natasha Kahn.

Central to DOLPH’s philosophy is a commitment to artists and their creative endeavour. We aim to engage with artists, the public and neighbouring community by staging thought provoking exhibitions and talks that explore the vagaries and complexities of contemporary art practice.

DOLPH will put on six exhibitions a year, for two weeks every alternate month.

Each show will feature a single artist.

This will not just be a series of solo exhibitions. We ask that the artists be more generous.

The artists' objective is to frame an exhibition that contextualise the interests and concerns driving their practice. Their task is to curate relevant (or contradictory) works / objects / photos / texts / music etc that have personal significance, inform and support their practice, and present them in an intriguing, cohesive exhibition.

One evening during the 2-week exhibit we ask that the artist explain their curation with a talk / Q&A in the space. 

We want to provoke a unique response from each artist that is both revealing and challenging. Our aim is that each exhibition, whilst being provocative, offers a rare insight into an artist's creative process and affords the opportunity for greater understanding of their practice.

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