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We exist because of a desire to create, to express, to amuse and to entertain.

Hero of Switzerland is the toy in a box of cereal, an empty bouncy castle, a shiny in a pack of stickers, the laugh you’re trying to hold in during assembly, a free buffet, a fiver on the floor, the conga at the end of the night, a guilty pleasure, a pint after work, a banana and two oranges in a fruit bowl, the fart you let out at the end of a date, a swear word in Scrabble, the cock drawn in the condensation on a bus, a porno in the bushes, the lump in your trousers and the damp in your gusset.

We are not bland, we are not exclusive, we are not perfect, we are not for everyone.

Hero of Switzerland continues to grow because we enjoy what we do, we do it as friends, we are inspired by each other and people love us.

BIO //

It all started when three creatively frustrated friends started drawing together. The drawings accumulated, they put on shows, the internet fell in love with their blogs, they met other creatively frustrated friends and they grew. Now they are one of the most recognized and adored illustrations collectives in the UK. You can find their work either clogging up the internet, adorning the shelves of the snazziest shops or on your friend's wall.

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