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Daniela Goergens



LRRH_ was founded in 2009 by Daniela Goergens; director of the Cologne-Berlin based art project. Its focus is realizing contemporary artist collaborations on textile. The »Art Edition By« collection of scarves and tapestries is the first phase in LRRH_ projects that merge the spheres of textile and art. The LRRH_ »ART EDITION BY« editions represent textile and art in a contemporary context. In cooperation with notable artist, the works develop visual worlds beyond traditional art mediums. Using fabric as a base and customized by various artisan methods of textile finishing, the textile becomes art in a flexible context. The works are created in either handmade editions of ten, reflecting the performance character of their creative process. or a series of 100 digital printed works, produced to allow the piece to easily interact as part of daily living. The editions are specifically created in the context of galleries and the art collector community. The series textile works, being part of everyday life, proclaim themselves as ambassadors of the spirit of the piece in the public of urban space. Each of the LRRH_ »ART EDITION BY« textile tapestry comes in a box and is shipped along with a numbered certificate.

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