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Dash Snow


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Dash Snow was born in 1981 and died in 2009. He left home at 14 and began taking photographs, documenting his life through a lens. Using his Polaroids as a diaristic record of the many ‘nights before’ he couldn’t remember, his snapshots piece together a fragmented portrait of peripheral existence.

Filling in the voids of his blackouts, Snow’s photos broach the seedy and taboo with a dislocated intimacy. Suggesting a subplot of double-identity, Snow’s camera operates as a tool of psychological intervention. Creating a ‘memory bank’ through a lens, he becomes an observer of his own life, forging the personal as dissociative media experience. Working in similar genre to Nan Goldin and Richard Billingham, Snow’s images are uncomfortable in their subject matter. Instances of sex, drugs, violence, and poverty are documented with disarming frankness and honesty. Offering a unique insight into an alternative lifestyle, Snow uncovers a poetic beauty within the dissolute and discarded.

His photographs explore personal existence as a periphery to globalised culture. Presenting an unabridged account of his marginalised lifestyle, Snow’s often uncomfortable images paint an intimate portrait where topical issues such as sex, drugs, poverty, and anti-social behaviour are confronted from a frank position of personal participation. Translated through the generic quality of his medium, Snow’s photos convey the disoriented fragments of memory as voyeuristic observation, conceiving the experience of ‘self’ as a bi-product of mass media dissociation.

Picturing the underbelly of contemporary culture, Snow distances his images with cinematic veritas. Graffiti, ironically broken signage, seedy hotel sex romps, and instances of human despair don’t evoke empathy, but rather suggest a poetic affirmation of humanity and against-the-odds survivalism. He was included in the Whitney Bi-annual 2006 Some of Snow's recent collage-based work was characterized by the controversial practice of using his own semen as a material applied to or splashed across newspaper photographs of police officers and other authority figures. His works have been acquired by influential collectors such as Charles Saatchi, Anita Zabludowicz, Dakis Joannou.


Group Show with Nico Dios, Ry Fyan, and Dash Snow, The Proposition, New York
Survivor, Bortolami Dayan, New York
Day For Night, Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Good Bye To All That, Rivington Arms, New York

Live Through This: New York 2005, Deitch Projects, Miami
Interstate, Nicole Klagsbrun, New York
“With us against reality, or against us!”, Willy Wonka Inc. Oslo, Norway and Galleri S.E, Bergen, Norway

Session the Bowl, Deitch Projects, New York
A NEW new york scene, Galerie du Jour Agnes b., Paris, France
Don‘t Be Scared, Rivington Arms, New York

Dash Snow

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