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Dave Lynch



The horse in Motion is a documentation of a mobile projection, its from a series of mobile projection works since 2006.  The piece ruptures narrative timelines by freeing the horse from over a hundred years of being screen static to once again be set in motion.  This timeless loop running through a city’s landscape creates a collective audience response using the city as a the only definitive points in the narrative. 

The animation created from the photographs by Edweard Muybridge(1887).  Muybridge’s project was developed to settle a bet about whether horses hooves left the ground in a gallop.  These images lead to the creation of the Zoopraxiscope by Muybridge in 1879, which may be considered the first movie projector.  The device appears to have been one of the primary inspirations for Thomas Edison and William Kennedy Dickson’s Kinetoscope, the first commercial film exhibition system.

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