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David Epstein



I hav been shooting for nearly 20 years. In that time I have produced a series of beautiful images. Images that will always mean something to me and in turn something for you, the visitor to this site, to interpret in your own meaningful way. I am not a landscape, portrait, nude, still life, etc. photographer. Perhaps to my detriment, I am a generalist (Iā€™d love to use the word universalist, but that is way too excessive a description). I shoot emotionally ā€“ to use a cliche ā€“ I shoot from from the hip. I have a few other other sites ā€“ www.davidepsteinphotography.com, www.reflectionsofone.com and www.davidepstein.co.za. All serve different purposes in my life. The idea behind www.dnephoto.co.za started 10 years ago when I produced a catalogue (download here) of predominantly my own black & white prints. I asked a few guest photographers to contribute their work. I may do that with this site. Right now my idea is to have a poster site, work with some designers and bring out the maximum of some images at affordable prices (which was the original intent of the catalogue)

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