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Diana Di Pietrantonio



http://difactorydesign.wordpress.com Diana Di Pietrantonio, Italian born in 1962 living in Belgium. Following an initial training as graphic designer, Diana moved on to drawing & painting to finally find her path in painting using a variety of raw materials such as a mix of saw dust, pigments, ink and other . Her thorough experience and research of raw materials took her to combine the various mediums and materials to express her creativity. The creation of her paintings rely on various uses of support such as paper, photographs as well as writing. Diana’s choice of the SQUARE as exclusive shape has not been left to chance; she chose it to gather control over the symbolic sphere of her work since it represents balance in all senses. The SQUARE shape is the essence of CONTROL. Diana’s main creative purpose is to express and transcribe deep memories and emotions that life brings us all, memories that come from a long last past as well as thoughts & reflections of our daily lives . By combining abstract & realism using the medium of pictures & writing, Diana offers the spectator a few keys to trigger the imagination and deeper thoughts as a means to resolve our daily enigma.

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