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Doron Furman



Education BFA in Fine Art, Academia di Belle Arti, Florence MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London MSC in multimedia-Video Westminster University, London Professional experience Shenkar College, Multidisciplinary Art Department, (Elite) 2008-2010 Hassifa the Open University, School of Animation, Ramat Aviv 2004-2008 Avni Institute for the Arts, Eilat St, Tel Aviv 2000-2004 Bar-Ilan University, Communication Studies Department 2002-2004 Sapir Academy School of Communication, Sderhot 1999-2002 The institute of Technology, Tel Aviv (Kalisher) 1998-2004 'Musrara' School for Media and Photography, Jerusalem 1998-1999 Selected Exhibitions 1995 Zanders Calendar Exhibition 50 years to the united nations 1995 Goldsmiths Gallery London Curator Gerard Hemswart 1995 Anthony Reynolds Gallery London ,Antony Reynolds 1995 Vandy St Alternative Space London, Monica Oursler 1998 Podevil Berlin Curator Vered Maimon 2000 The New York Independent Film and Video Festival 2000 New York Experimental Film and Animation 2000 The Office Gallery (video library) Rachel Sukman 2000 2nd International Film/ Video Festival, Belgium 2000 Swip 2000 Media Festival, West Dorset, England 2000 'Dropserence' Profit Television Cable Show 2001 MediaTerra Atuna, Greece, Video Art Festival 2001 Kalisher Gallery Tel-Aviv Curator Ronen Libman 2001 Haperamida Gallery, Haifa, Curator Samion Fainero 2002nd International Film/ Video Festival, Belgium 2002 International Artist Museum New York L. Kadishevski 2002 Invited by The Yad Vashem Museum to give a proposal Video wall for the new museum. 2003 M.O.N.A Museum of New Art, Rochester Detroit U.S.A, Jef Berow, the second International Video Festival 2003 "Boildfried" Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland uk 2004 "Homemade" Israeli video Art 4 Cultures International Festival in Lodz, Poland, at the Contemporary art center, Utazdowski Castel Warsaw Curator Liliana Kadishevski 2005 Wachodnia Gallery from the City of Lodz (Poland) in five Cities including Warsaw and Krakow. 2005 Forum Museums Israeli video Art Curator Galit Semel 2006 "On Gallery" Common History Poznan Poland 2006 The New Gallery Tedy Gerusalem Turkish and Israeli artists 2006 'Fight' The Artist House Tel Aviv 2007 virtual residency project in progress 2007 Gelt and Gilt, Artneoland Gallery, Berlin 2007 Poznan Poland 2007 Gelt and Gilt, Haifa cinema festival 07 Pyramida Haifa Drawing exhibitions, curator Yaakov Heffetz20 2007 Pornography my love, The Artist House Tel Aviv 2007 Mona museum of new art, Rochester Detroit U.S.A, Jef Berow, the third International Video Festival 2007 Drawing by the media, Pyramid gallery Haifa, Yaakov Hefetz 2008 MAS Gallery Multimedial Art Studio, curator Nenad Bogdanovic 2008 Gelt and Gilt, Artneoland Gallery, Berlin curator Yael katz 08 Natan rapoport studio curator Yaakov Heffetz20 Dafna Naor 'Self criticism' High Touch, Curator 2009 June 10th. IVAHM´12. - Madrid. Centro de Artes CMA, Madrid 2010 * 2011 June 16th. IVAHM´12- Galicia. CEGAI (Filmoteca Gallega), A Coruña * 2012 October 31st - November 5th. IVAHM´12 - Colombia. Festival CINETORO, Colombia Performance Performance “London Arcola Theater” 2001 2001 Performance 'Video Dance', The Office Gallery 2004 Performance 'Writing from Digital' Bamat meizag 2004 Performance 'April 9' Voice and Video Bamat meizag 2004 Performance 'April 9' Voice and Video Anglican School Jerusalem, Heara 8 - Comment on Hospitals and Schools 2005 Video Performance 'Vaccum' Bamat meizag 2006 Performance 'She doesn't have a name' Bamat meizag Collections M.o.n.a Museum of New Art, Rochester Detroit MediaTerra Atuna, Greece Swip,Media Festival, West Dorset, England New York Experimental Film and Animation Profit Television Cable Show “Dropserence” Jewish Museum New York The New York Independent Film and Video The Israeli House, Paris 'On' Gallery Poznan Poland Books Encyclopedia "Allgemeines Kuensterlexikon" Artists of the World Throughout all Ages Articles 1998 'Interactive Video', The Digital Art Magazine, Camera Obscura No. 7. 2002 'Who is Free to Choose Video by Utopia', Yanko Dada Museum Catalogue. Grants 1982 The Italian Council for BA in fine Arts, Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence. 1995 The British Council for MA in Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College London 1997 The Israeli Art Association for Excellency in Art 2000 Video Art piece, PVA, Bridport, England 2000 The Israeli Foreign Office, for an art piece in UK 2006 Yehosua Rabinovich artist book 2007 New foundation for cinema and TV Studio in Tel Aviv

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