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dusa jesih



Dusa Jesih, a glittering colourful soul (literally delicate colourful alluvium) With Dusa Jesih, a young artist from Ljubljana, we are entering into a universe of structural abstraction, and more colourful: where in some strange way Malevic's and Jasper Johns's reminiscence crosses, not knowing whether or not one or another have influenced her art. Dusa's art, with its blackness and whiteness, which reminds us of different variations of night and day, with numerous soft bluish, pearly or vague reflections, is primarily poetic. Colours in balanced compositions gracefully stand opposite: pale violet, green, viny or yellow tonality mix and fall into stripes, painted in a geometric harmony. It's about the art which gives a free playground to stunning harmony and where the view is lost in some kind of infinity that leads towards detailed examination. The observer who has been following her paintings for a long time feels in some unusual way observed. It is like the paintings are giving back their own questions which are accumulated by persistant observations. In each of her works there are more paintings, where the author composes them in shape of destructiveness which confuses us, because what we see is not what we assume to see. It seems that the artist cherishes a special love towards secrets, which radiates through her paintbrush. Adrian Darmon, Paris 2007

Dusa Jesih was born on 1977 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She lives and works in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. In 1996 she finished high school of Art, Design and Photography in Ljubljana and in 2003 graduated from Fine Arts on Art house - College for Visual Art, Ljubljana. In 2006 she post graduated in painting. For the present she lives in Ljubljana, engaged in painting and printmaking; from classic painting to new media…She participated in numerous exhibitions, residence programs and projects at home and abroad. Since 2004 she is a member of Community association of Slovenian artists ZDSLU. Since 2006 she is a mentor of art classes on Slovenian university for third life period. From 2006 to 2007 she was twice on expert and research advanced studies in Paris, living in Cite Internationale des arts. From 2008 she has a status of self-employed artist. In 2009 she gets Grand purchase prize in International painting Ex-Tempore Piran, in 2011 she gets Grand prize in International painting Ex-Tempore Ptuj. On 2012 she enters Master studies of painting on ALUO – Ljubljana Academy of fine arts. In 2013 she gets Grand purchase prize in International painting Ex-Tempore Piran




Piran, 42. International Painting Ex-tempore, winner prize, 2007

Piran, 43. International Painting Ex-tempore, Grand Prix, 2008

Piran, 44. International Painting Ex-tempore, winner prize, 2009

Piran, 48. International Painting Ex-tempore, Grand purchase prize, 2013



2012 Genome, Galery Peterokraki stolp, Ljubljana castle, Ljubljana 2011    Kons, Galery Tukadmunga, Studio 8, Ljubljana / 2010 Critics represents, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana / 2010 Embeded, Mestna galerija NG, Nova Gorica, / 2009, Pocket edition in transition, Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana / 2008 Threeway,Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana / Galery Pasaza, Ljubljana / Pocket edition in transition, Center of contemporary arts, Podgorica / 2007 Ljubljana, “dusa Duse”, Tobacni muzej, Ljubljana / Galery “Kljub vsemu”, Ljubljana / Paris diary, Paris, Cite Internationale des arts / 2006 Paris, Cite Internationale des arts / 2004 KUD France Preseren

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