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ARTIST STATEMENT Ladies and Gentleman! Our land was burning. Our land is injured not only by the fires. Our land is on the best way to become a big refuse dump. OUR LAND IS RAPED BY OURSELF – DAY BY DAY! If we do not change our behaviour – each of us – we definitely destroy the future of our children. This is not a negative prophecy, it is a matter of fact! From my point of view the media, cultural and art scene/institutions have a special responsibility. They have to use their power and resources to inform, to educate, to polarize, to campaign and to be uncomfortable for the next years until the necessary grade of consciousness is reached. If it is once running it becomes a self running movement like in several other European countries 30 years ago … My part as a mother and artist are the BURNING LAND paintings and of course my unbreakable will to act. The paintings are ready for any help and sinful event or exhibition for the next years. Right now they can be seen at www.2evi.gr

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