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Eleanor Clare


I am a visual artist working with live performance.  My early work was performance video, concerned with the pressure felt by women (in my own experience) to look and behave a certain way.  Recently, my focus has turned inwards; I am now more concerned with how we can draw strength within ourselves, and how a female figure may become a symbol of this.   The voice is integral to my work. Music and writing are often the starting point.  I create costume for each performance - as a visual artist I am drawn to aesthetics.  In the last two projects, I have worked with space – moving through, and the way the voice surrounds the audience combined with a physical presence becoming central to the reception of the work. 

  ‘I Am Still Within You’ is in collaboration with Kam Wan (film projection) and Marcus Davidson (music).  It is based on the concept of a journey from dark to light and back, and the notion of seeking stillness within oneself.  This work has been shown at ‘At Home with the Ludski’s’ in July, and in September 27-29th 2013 inside the dark expanse of an Old Grain Silo in Bergen, situated at the edge of the water.  The work consists of a sound and film installation, with a live performance taking place each day.  Three singers move slowly through the space towards the light of the central projection, which is footage of the moon. 

 ‘My Horn is a Chalice’ was developed for my MA Fine Art show in Sept 2011.  The emotions of anger and unrest that staff and students felt about the closure of the historic site on Charing Cross Road, and the move to a new venue resonated with my own experiences of change and loss.  I wanted to produce a piece that would leave something beautiful in the memories of those that caught sight of it. The Unicorn, as a romantic symbol of courtly love, healing and purification, became central to my thoughts.  The work was realized as a sound installation in the stairway/lift well, which spanned from the very top of the 9 storey building, right down to the basement, and a live performance which was choreographed by Dagmara Bilon for myself and two dancers.

My Horn is a Chalice performed by Eleanor Clare, Hannah Byrne and Hollie Stewart

performance, print and video

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