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Elena Damiani


b. 1979, Lima Lives and works in London. I am interested in architecture as a device to represent diverse notions of landscape and society, such as the correlation between manmade constructions and nature, and how buildings are capable to shape their surroundings creating some sort of rational structure for our lives. The subject of ruins as depictions of transience of all manmade creations and reminders of our own mortality has been predominant in my recent work. The deconstruction and recreation of desolated and disrupted sites allow me to elaborate a poetic about territory where images oscillate from a fractured historical past to fictions of a rapidly approaching tomorrow. In that sense the locations I depict can function both as retrospective portraits and as a prospective glimpse towards the future. I produce my work using a variety of means in order to merge them in proposals where art recovers its allegorical potential. I am interested in the connotative ability of an image that abstracts its own space and time, and activates the observer’s imagination in order decode the surface and project it back into space and time, in an attempt to reconstruct what is depicted. The ambiguity of scale and subject matter in my work, neither nature nor ruin, generates a space for individual interpretation where the spectator wanders looking beyond the frozen events and consequently arrives at diverse readings. These explorations of ambiguous architectures that appeal to collective memory, with misleading and disorienting content become odd, hinting at displacement and atemporality when contemplated.

Palimpsests I (1-6)

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