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Elena Shchukina



From its base in Mayfair, Gallery Elena Shchukina brings emerging contemporary artists to London. 

London's art scene is the most vibrant in the world. Gallery Elena Shchukina is one of the most exciting contemporary art spaces in the city. Dedicated to emerging contemporary artists, most of whom have never before been exhibited in the UK, this superbly curated gallery has become a must-see location for international artists and their clients. 

The gallery recognises no international or artistic borders. We believe in choosing emerging contemporary artists, painters and sculptors, who display exceptional talent, technical skill and creativity, and in exhibiting them with empathy, comprehension and judgement. Through our carefully thought out programme, we deliver confident, engaging modern art exhibitions which are accessible to everyone. A lecture programme accompanies each exhibition - it is an opportunity not only to find out about the artist but also about the particular vision underlying the gallery itself. 

Elena's vision combines a love of the technique of creation coupled with a passionate interest in colour. These two aspects inform our exhibitions: our artists tend to have mastered a unique skill or have a particular talent that has not been shown before in the UK. Their use of colour is complex and emotionally engaging; the combination of skill and colour produces a synthesis that is essentially Elena Shchukina. 

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