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Elisa Paiusco



From 2010 I'm the director of the Vignato Art Foundation, a non-profit organization recognized by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culturethat that, since 2005, is active in Vicenza by the passion and initiative for Art and Culture of the doctors Giuseppe and Costantino Vignato. In recent years the Foundation has worked, according to the principle that cultural values create value, to build a close relationship with the area. It promotes cultural events and projects aimed at building strong connections between contemporary art forms and places of a city rich in history and culture such as Vicenza. The Foundation, which always presents itself as the place of production and promotion, free and not bound by market dynamics, aims to build a quality cultural offer that not only meets the established tastes of the public, but also to bring it closer to innovative and courageous proposals. Values such as clarity, passion and professionalism are the foundations on which both the exhibitional - promotional business, and the most oriented to consulting and to the culture design of the organization are based on. Vital for the development of business of the Foundation is the direct comparison with the public and its supporters in order to bring about institutional and projectual relations that will create opportunities for artists and produce cultural and economic value to the area. From 2005 to 2010 I worked with Alef - cultural project management, a Milan based company where I worked in a young team of art professionals specialized in the organization of modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

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