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Elizabeth Jordan


 My premise is to put perception into question through exploring the second extreme of scale; the miniature. The subject of my current work consists of abstract sculptural forms measuring no more than 5cm in height that attain a monumental quality after subjection to both two- and three-dimensional optical illusion. Realised as photography, projection or model the locale and context of the objects are intriguingly ambiguous. Most recently I have produced a series of immersive installations that seek to create a ‘minumental’ experience by disrupting the trajectory of projected images.  An engaging visual paradox is created in low-light setups when kinetic movement and reflection are used to distil a physical object into a line of reflected light. Holding no static form but seemingly great depth, the ephemeral images hint at another dimension. With pretensions for a transcendence of tangibility, the resulting dream-like environments both prime and rupture the viewing experience.

Minumental Series

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