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Elizabeth Skadden



Elizabeth Skadden was born in Austin, Texas where she created personal documentaries about DIY bands and people she is close to. Her films have screened in different film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, and Edinburgh. Her artwork explores forgotten places while questioning the odd beast of city planning. Not content to take the world as it is, she pushes further to find what once stood in that vacant lot (Christ Church Resurrection), where the Steenbeck is still in use (Steenbeck Loop), and where the best junk is to be found (Mercantile Building). Elizabeth is a winner of the RISD Awards of Excellence and curator of “Lapse of Time” at the Gelman Gallery at the Chace Center. Her all-female band Finally Punk recently toured Europe and the UK and she has just completed the Saatchi-sponsored A Curriculum: A Foundation Artist Residency.beth Skadden concerns herself with liminal spaces and swimming.

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