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Emilio Vieites Aguiar



My first contact with art began with photography and graphic design. I have worked in several projects and private companies for ten years, combining these two facets of my job.

My interest in art and science is due to my university studies of Physics and Astronomy, where I developed some multimedia art projects, which were included on the official courses organized by the City Council of Murcia, such as the course called "Astronomía Creativa". At this time, I culminated my job with "Arte Universo 09" project, which is currently displayed in the University of Murcia.

My first contact with painting surprised a lot of professional artists I met. Although I did not have any knowledge of painting, I tackled my first series of paintings related to the cruelty of wars.

Thus, I developed an artistic project based on the photography entitled "Los Niños de la Guerra" ( War Children ), by Gervasio Sánchez, thus ending this phase with a series of big size paintings.

At this time, I also painted several portraits. Important personalities belonging to the Spanish culture, such as the Duchess of Alba and Antonio Gala own some of my works. It is worth mentioning thatb this happened when two years had passed since I used my paintbrush for the first time, without any previous academic record, except for half a year attending the School of Arts in Murcia, which I could not complete due to incompatibility with my job.

It is also worth mentioning my job as a volunteer in "Nuevo Futuro" Association, sponsored by the Spanish Royal Family and the Autonomous Community of Murcia, which helps homeless children, as well as my participation in volunteering projects in international organizations, such as the United Nations.

My first big size painting was included in a collective exhibition organized by Cajamurcia and Amofrem, in order to raise money for children in Ethiopia.

Initially, I developed an art project entitled "Rojo Sobre Humano", which is made up of several figurative works. The Fine Arts Museum in Murcia (MUBAM) gives me the possibility of exhibiting my works.

Later, I developed "Gris Sobre Humano",a big size collection based on men´s tracks on their environment. In order to carry it out, I made several trips to Madrid.

The next step was "Orígenes", which started to be developed after September the eleventh and its implications in current society, "Humana Nidum" and "Mutaciones".

From the very beginning, different art dealers and galleries in New York have been interested in these collections. Nowadays,I keep on developing my works following this line.

My works show my solidarity with the moment we are living.

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