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Emily Winter



The origin of Lahd Gallery stems from the word Lahd, which in Arabic means “The blink of the eye”. The eye in the logo symbolizes a glimpse into a new dimension. In Pseudoscience, to see an eye that is open means one is awakening to consciousness. In Egyptian culture, the eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power . In North Africa, the protection from the evil eye is used as a charm and is manifested in the aesthetics of henna art. Furthermore, the eye symbol is also used in the Chinese philosophy of the Yin and Yang which denotes opposite energies interacting and are the seeds of all things. Lahd Gallery’s “blink” vision is about knowing art without even knowing why. It is through a very little opening of the eye, however small, that we achieve spiritual sight, inner vision and higher knowledge into the mystery of art. As the meaning of art is what you make of it, the meaning of the eye is not a physical symbol anymore but rather one in which consciousness enters into a world of infinite expanse. Lahd Gallery was founded in 2005 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Representing emerging and established artists, we bring together the leading contemporary art works from the Middle East. Originally set up as a focal point for women artists from the Gulf, the gallery soon became a well known exhibition space on the contemporary art scene. In 2010 the gallery moved to its present location in London and has over the last five years become the foremost gallery promoting exclusively contemporary Middle Eastern art. Lahd Gallery increase the visibility of Middle Eastern contemporary art both academically and commercially by collaborating closely with art historians, private art collectors, museums and cultural institutions, critics, foundations, and art enthusiasts. We pride ourselves as the pioneer Middle Eastern contemporary art gallery in London and through our international network and expertise, we additionally provide mentor support to young artists in their artistic careers. The gallery showcase some of the best talents in contemporary art and encourage works by young artists and acquainting art collectors with these works of art and present six exhibitions, both solo and group, a year. We have worked with private clients and have advised on corporate and public collections on all levels across a wide industry spectrum. Located in exclusive Hampstead, home to London’s artistic and literary enthusiasts, the gallery is ideally poised to introduce the works of Middle Eastern artists to a wider international audience. While remaining true to our vision and in stark contrast to other leading art galleries, Lahd Gallery is committed exclusively to the promotion of contemporary Middle Eastern works, and mainly artists of Middle Eastern, Asian and North African backgrounds. Our London gallery space acts as the hub from which we communicate with clients and institutions while staging our rigorous exhibition and art fair schedules. With an office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia dedicated to cultivating artist relations, the highest standard of service and support is provided to the artists we represent. In this regard, we are able to work with both the artistic talents and the art collectors on the international art scene.

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