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Eric Debris



Eric Débris, is lead singer of the music group Métal Urbain, who have been recognized as the inventors of Electro-Punk. He is also well known as a Parisian rock DJ. He studied at the Ecole d'Art Graphique Corvisart and the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris.

His graphic work for Métal Urbain has been highly recognized on several occasions, in particular when two record sleeves were reproduced in the book: Album Covert Arts of Punk (Gingko Press). More recently, some of its record sleeves were exposed in the exhibition hall of “Des jeunes gens modernes” at the Galerie du Jour Agnes B in Paris. After an exhibition at Gallery ARTY-Place in Saint Tropez (summer 2009) a selection of his work was shown at Gallery Claude PETITJEAN in Aix-en-Provence (France) from Autumn 209 til Summer 2010. From February 5th till March 5th 2010, 30 of his prints has been exhibited at the MoPiA in ZURICH. 

Some of his early graphic works (1976 - 1980), mostly record sleeves, are part of a major exhibition "EUROPUNK" scheduled at Villa Medici, in Rome, from January 20th till March 20th and MAMCO in Geneva from June 7th till September 18th.

In 2011 a solo show will be held at MoPiA in ZURICH from May13th till June 9th, followed by a group show at SAG in Amsterdam from June 10th till the end of August.



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