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Ernesto Jorge Ferriol Perez


    Ernesto Ferriol was born at Holguin city, Cuba, in 1971. He studied at the Raul Gomez Garcia Elementary School of Art and at El Alba Professional School of Art in Holguin before majoring in Painting at the High Institute of Art in Havana. His work has been displayed at the Center of Visual Arts in Havana, The Provincial Center of Art in Holguin, The Iberoamerica House, Holguin, Cuba; Caixa Penedes Aula de Cultura, Sant Vicenc Del  Horts, Barcelona, Spain; Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan. Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, Promo-Arte Project Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, Gallery Mayha, Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan and many other venues.

    Ernesto Ferriol's watercolours are completely made in the studio. The foundation of his work lies in an exquisite linear drawing and a very elaborated composition. Another fundamental element is the conception of the scene from a combination of the real and imagined. The clever invention chiefly unusual. Something that he has called "The vision".

    He puts special emphasis on the story creating a narrative characterized by its critical character inviting the audience to think about it. His taste for the thought-provoking images and the human being and its conflicts in constant struggle becomes his favorite subject.

   Ferriol's watercolours  come with plenty of humor and  depravity. In his erotic works( inspired by the Japanese Shunga) achieve sometimes an explosive tension in which the borderline between erotica and political satire is blurred with absolute lack of inhibition.

   The Cuban critic and curator Martin Garrido Gomez has annotated recently about his work: In the case of Ferriol we notice the use of watercolour as privileged technique, attachment to the figuration, the technical virtuosity, being an excellent draftsman and colorist, the emphasis on anthropological and social reflection, betting for art content without neglecting the form, being Cuban  at any cost, but cosmopolitan. Humor, poignancy and beauty come together in his works, awarded in and outside the country. 


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