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Eugenio Re Rebaudengo



ARTUNER is an innovative online platform founded by Eugenio Re Rebaudengo that provides unprecedented access to expertly curated exhibitions of both established and emerging artists. With an intimate visual experience that offers an environment traditionally reserved only for established collectors, ARTUNER assures art enthusiasts a new way to access museum quality works. An unparalleled level of support and expert insight set ARTUNER apart from their online competitors.

ARTUNER is an avenue for new and experienced collectors to view and buy art chosen by an evolving roster of eminent international curators. Works are exclusive to the site, with a programme of exhibitions (curations) throughout the year in a variety of mediums. Unique to ARTUNER, all works can be viewed to scale both ‘in a room’ and in ultra-high definition, rendering every detail of the work visible. Prices start at £2,000 to inspire visitors of all ages and interests, and engage with a new generation of collectors.

Integral to ARTUNER is an educative and academic approach, confirmed by the museum quality curations and expert guidance offered on the site. With essays ranging from the care of fine art photography to the hanging of works, visitors can gain insight into the art of collecting from world-renowned experts in the field, something rarely accessible to those not already versed in the ways of collecting.

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