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Eva Janina Wieczorek



Eva Janina Wieczorek (born May 23, 1951) in Katowice in Poland. She is a visual artist. She lives and works in Brühl, Germany.In Poland she finished an apprenticeship as a technician. When she was young she was interested in painting, and her uncle, who was a painter, brought her in contact with the fine arts. For many years Professor Kalarus, who teaches arts at the academy of arts and graphic art (ASP) in Katowice Poland, was her mentor. Starting with watercolours and acrylic paint she now works with oil on canvas paitings and Digital paintings. Since 2007 she has been a member of the I.A.A. International Association of Art, Unesco Paris.

Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_Janina_Wieczorek

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