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Ewa Guzy


email: ewaguzy8@o2.pl mobile:+48 602130877 PAINTING EWA GUZY BIOGRAPHY Born in Katowice in 1977. She is fascinating by painting, drawing, photography and modern art (design, fashion) She is creating paintings in oil, acrylic and distemper technique. She is interesting in multiplication, rhytm, transformation of an object. Her diploma works presented series of paintings insprited by the culture of mass-production. In her creations she often begin by taking pictures in her memory of many interesting places, surprising occurrences. For her every object in her picture is an existence with own life and interaction. From 2009 r. member of Associaton the Polish Pastel, From 2005 member of ZPAP in Cracow. EDUCATION 1992/1997 she attended to J. Pankiewicz Secondary School of Art in Katowice. From 1997-2002 she studied at the Faculty of Painting of Silesian Uniwersity in Cieszyn. She studied in 2000-2005 on the Department of Paniting of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts (studio of Adam Wsiołkowski) with distiction. Live and work in Cracow. EXHIBITIONS 2003 – painting exhibition „Painting light and matter”, NCK, Cracow; 2004 - painting exhibition, Gaude Mater Gallery, Częstochowa; 2004 –diploma exhibition, Przewiązka Gallery, Silesian University Department in Cieszyn; 2006 - painting exhibition ZPAP, Pryzmat Galllery, Cracow; 2006 – III International Pastel Biennale, Nowy Sącz; 2006 – individual painting exhibition „Aura of object”, Palace of Vauxhall, Krzeszowice; 2008 - painting exhibition „Saloon of painting and sculpture 2008”, NCK, Cracow; 2008 – group exhibition of polish-german artists, Palace of Vauxhall, Krzeszowice; 2008 - IV International Pastel Biennale, Nowy Sącz; 2009 - painting exhibition ZPAP, Dominik Rostworowski Gallery, Cracow; 2009 - painting exhibition” 13 International plein air in Siemianowice Śląskie”, Fall stairs Gallery, Museum in Siemianowice Śląskie; 2009 - III International Pastel Biennale Kralingen Gallery, Holandia; 2009 - painting exhibition "Pop-ż-Art", Galearnia, Warsow; 2009 - painting exhibition “Saloon of painting and sculpture ZPAP- 2009”, NCK, Cracow; 2010 – painting exhibition „Galearnia during trip”, Hotel Rubinstein, Cracow 2010 – painting exhibition „Galearnia during trip”, Hotel Belvedere, Zakopane 2010 – painting exhibition ” Small format", Dyląg Gallery, Cracow 2010 - painting exhibition " Women without borders ", County Council in Munich, Munich 2010 - painting exhibition, Club Time, Galearnia Gallery, Warsow

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