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Ewelina Skowronska



I am a Polish illustrator, visual designer and print maker who graduates from MA Illustration at Camberwell Collage of Arts London this summer. Before I decided to move to London I have worked successfully in advertising as a Copywriter where I have learned how to apply conceptual thinking in order to transfer ideas into visual language. However after 6 good years there I have decided to start doing something different, something that I am really passionate about.

I am especially interested in the process of screen printing and ways of pushing its boundaries. I wonder how the process of mark making together with all mistakes and limitation from screen printing can influence the art work and at the end tells the story or communicates certain subjects.

I am also interested in everyday life observation, doing my own comments on reality and translating the surrounding world into images. All of my work is focused on self analysis, introspection as well as relationships between people and surrounding. 

My goal is to fulfil the gap between design, illustration, and art.

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