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Fagner Bibiano


My photographic practice focuses primarily on elements of desire and death. It is, however, somewhat delicate to attempt to classify my work into a specific genre of photography. The work I have produced to date includes staged photography, dark images of architectural spaces and photographs of cruising grounds where strangers meet in order to have anonymous sexual encounters. My latest body of work consists of photographs of semen of men who are unsure of their HIV status, thus also adding a performative element to my practice. Aesthetically, the work visualises aspects of darkness, tension and mystery. Regardless of the concept behind each series, my interest in the uncanny underpins the images I produce. Nevertheless, the photographs are composed against a background which expresses my interest in death, sexuality, transgression and violence. My ideas are greatly influenced, and most of the time triggered, by psychoanalytical theories established in the 20th century. I am very interested in Freudian theory and his thoughts on human sexuality and the pleasure principle. As a consequence, Lacan and his introduction of the mirror stage and also his ideas on desire and the desire of the other are part of my theoretical foundation. Georges Bataille is another key figure in my theoretical development – if not the most important one. I am totally absorbed not only by his novels but also by his philosophical ideas on our awareness of death, eroticism, and the relationship between transgression and religion. Last but not least, Michel Foucault has also been an important part of my creative process. His books Discipline and Punish, History of Sexuality and also Religion and Culture have had great impact on my artwork and have been of vital significance especially to my latest series Status Unknown.

Status Unknown

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