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Fernando Mastretta



Spanish painter, living in Madrid, I paint from my inside: my feelings, my relationships, what is happening around me. A trajectory of 30 years in Spanish Art Scene, exhibiting in some of the more relevant art Galleries in Spain, such as Barcena&Bergguren in the first nineties, Almirante, or Heinrich Ehrhardt in recent times, and in international art fairs as Arco, Berlin, Cologne or Maco. My works are in public and private collections. My painting is a cronichle of what is happening around me. If paint is because painting is for me the one with more possibilities of expression (and the most challenging to master). Through it I express what I experience and I deal with, sometimes in a dramtic way, but also ironic or irreverent and always intense. Painting is the only language that really helps me to communicate my ideas.

More info about my works and biography: www.fernandomastretta.net

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