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Finnley Elliott



Recent fine art drawing graduate. ARTIST STATEMENT Adorno suggests that the closest we can get to our ideal freedom is ‘the promised happiness of adventure.’ – (Adorno T, pg1, Aesthetic theory.) I explore this suggestion and regard this in terms of tourism. I am interested in the many ideals, cliché’s and contradictions imposed on the ‘adventures’ we embark on each year, and I determine the ‘holiday’ as an idealised creation of our imagination. My work questions how nostalgia and sentimentality impact on this, leaving us disappointed with reality and longing for the past. I question what drives our thirst for travel, such as our feelings of displacement in the world or our quest to overcome the emotional, geographical or social divides apparent in the world today. Failure is an underlying theme in my work as I consider it as an inevitable factor in tourism. I approach this failure in a humorous manner by predetermining it. My take on tourism provokes the ache of nostalgia but allows the viewer to approach it in a light hearted way, rather than looking at the world from a nihilistic viewpoint. A variety of kitsch found objects promote this comical quality. Fake tan, Lillo’s, beach balls, snorkels and idealistic exotic imagery, all suggest travel in a highly clichéd way. By displacing these clichéd objects, it gives the work an absurd quality resulting in a playful and approachable experience whilst still suggesting the serious subject matter. Often I attempt to crudely represent a scene, through a number of mediums such as photography and installation. I look for a subtle balance between objects and images to create a scene that is both recognisable to the viewer yet is simultaneously absurdly unbelievable.

CONTACT: finnleyelliott@hotmail.co.uk

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