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Fiona Harby


Sonic and Sound artist lives and works in Nottingham.

My work deals with serendipitous moments, which are applied sagaciously using an Art vs. Science approach.

I focus and deal with drawing, sound and film-making. Using a Sonic Art perspective I have been exploring how sound can affect a visual image – how to best use the two together, and the power of using them singularly.

Mathematics, logic and science are all significant elements to my practice.

My work has slowly honed in on my core interests and reflects something I am very passionate about. Music and sound is something I have always been very close to, and using this with my practice I feel has been highly self-rewarding. There are many projects I have begun that I feel I need to donate a much more lengthy time exploring.

I have been focusing on ‘drawing sound’. I have studied movement of particles, and broken down moments, then re-drawn them to help understand sound and how it travels.

I wish to continue with this principle, as well as continuing with film-making. I am currently working on a silent visual symphony, comprised of 4 movements, using a standard 18th Century format. I have already focused a lot of my work around rhythm, but I wish to extend this through to dynamics, melody and explore motif further.

I like to consider myself an Artist - not a Composer, although these categories blend through my practice. I am always searching for new challenges to push my practice forward.



Fiona Harby

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