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Flora Parrott


Flora Parrott studied Fine Art at the Michaelis School of Art in Cape Town, The Glasgow School of Art, then went on to graduate from the Royal College of Art with a Masters in Printmaking in 2009. Her first solo show ‘Inhale / Hold It’, curated by Alternative Arts, was in a space in Marble Arch for the month of July 2009. She is currently making work from a studio in South East London, lecturing part-time on the Print and New Media Course at Norwich College of Art and is the Artist in Residence on the MA Fine Art Course at UCA Maidstone. / / Statement A few years ago I went on a tour around some underground caves in South Africa. The guide turned the lights off for a moment and I was completely overwhelmed by the density of the blackness, it was both suffocating and immensely spacious. When the lights came back on I felt very aware of the structure of the caves and the fragility of my own form within them. The age and solidity of the rock was both protective and crushing. I imagined the force of the air inside the outline created by the thick rock and the force of that air on the chambers inside my own form. In an attempt to explain this type of sensation I reference the repetition of natural forms and the different ways in which materials respond to one another within a contained space. The idea of holding in a breath and trapping the air in your lungs is something I find simultaneously immensely calming and appealing as well as claustrophobic and suffocating. Wrangling with the desire to be in opposite states at the same time makes me visualise static forms that are stuck in a tense sort of inertia – on the brink of bursting.

flora parrott

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