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Francisco Nicolás


A concept very frequently used on my last work, is the idea of showing the picture window. I use figurative elements, particularly the landscape. Above those figurative elements, I superimpose ‘abstracts’ geometric shapes; sometimes it is seen in the landscape and simultaneosly in other spacial plane in front of the landscape, like if it was in an inner space and through a window we could see the outer space. That’s very close to Magritte’s art ‘Cuadros ventana’ (‘Windows-pictures’). Technically, I use traditional methods such as acrylic, but I preferably use new technologies such as photography and digital processes. I photograph or paint rural landscapes, daily landscapes, by which we can go through every day, to work, going to school, go walking, etc., where the human footprint is in. I manipulate the detailed landscapes, like the peasant in the land. That is the footprint that I left on the landscape.

Francisco Nicolas

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