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franco di cesare



My name is Franco di Cesare, I am a Italian artist living/working in Uk.

My works are the result of years of practice. I was introduced into art in really young age.

I frequented the Art Institute in Chieti (Italy)

 My arts practice predicates are the futurist, blue rider, Bauhaus, constructivist.              

The works I produce are the fruit of my inner need to research the visual dynamic of geo –metric abstract compositions and the symbolic value of the forms, the colours and the materials to represents Ideas and Concepts in connections with my cultural heritage.

My research drives me also to elaborate and reproduce the visual connections within ancient symbols, alphabet and numbers.

I differentiate my paintings production in Icone series and LDI series

The Icone series paintings compositions are connected with the Byzantine religious Icon concept, forms and colours to “worship”.

 With the Line Dimension Interconnection series I explore the relations between the lights the forms and geo-metric compositions . I fragment the forms and the lights to create dynamic compositions.

  My paintings are multimedia, oil, acrylics, tempera, home-made colours on stretched canvass.  The diversity of the materials gives me the opportunities to reach different deep and chromatic effects.



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