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Frank Van Imschoot



Frank Van Imschoot is a Fine-Art photographer born in Belgium and currently living in London.His work explores the relationship between the body and urban spaces. With influences as diverse as William Klein, Lee Friedlander and Daido Moryama, new art pieces are crafted from both traditional and modern dialogues. Mastering a special technique to shoot with very high ASA film, day and night; Then heavily underexpose the image and then overdevelop it in the darkroom. This would result in a loss of detail but a massive gain in character; Grey gets dissolved into White or Black and people often become silhouettes in their own environment.What starts out as normal soon becomes debased into an artistic manifesto of contrast between day and night and leaving only a sense of photo-graphical nihilism and the prospect of a new reality or raw behavior. The viewer is left with a statement of the light and the darkness of our culture. Ever since he was a student he has been fascinated by the traditional understanding of the zeitgeist; capturing the inexorable truth within the the divergence of the moment.

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