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Gail Barlow



Gail Barlow is an experimental artist and photographer. Initially she created paper sculptures and photographed them for limited edition prints which can be seen on her website www.gailbarlow.com. Her intention was to start making her "sliceform" sculptures from coloured acetate sheets but after experimenting with polarising filters became fascinated by the amazing colours that could be created with certain clear plastics. Light passes through these plastics and splits into spectrum colours showing stress patterns with the aid of polarising filters. At certain rotation of the filters the light is totally blocked and the background surrounding the plastic can be changed from light to dark, giving a whole new aspect. This fascination has now become the main focus of her artwork and photography and "Super Spectrums" was born, 3rd May 2011. A website is being created for this new work at www.superspectrums.com.

Art Specialties: Polarised Plastic Sculptures, Paper Engineering, Digital Prints.

Photography Specialities: Cross Polarisation and Macro.

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