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Gari Hatch



I was born in Leland, Mississippi on June 28, 1956. I grew up in Morton, Mississippi until I graduated from Morton Public High School. I then furthered my college education at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, where I received an Associate of Arts degree in Bible. I then transferred to Southern California College (now Vanguard University) in Costa Mesa, California, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. I have spent the greater portion of my adult life as a medical education librarian at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. I also have worked in the public library systems in both Hinds and Rankin counties in Mississippi. I now reside in Morton, Mississippi and commute back and forth to Jackson each day to work, where I have presently been working at temporary job assignments mainly in law firms and medical clinics. I also have been selling my paintings by “word-of-mouth” and on the internet. At present, I have had four art exhibits at three public libraries in the Jackson Metropolitan area. I started painting in 2005 and I am self-taught. My paintings are both created in acrylic and oil pigments. I also use mixed mediums of plaster, paper, stone, shell, glass, fabric, etc. The themes of my paintings are a mix of realism, abstract and non-objective methods. I also have done a few sculptures recently. Reflections on Painting When painting, I find that I dwell, most truthfully, in the strokes of paint that fade and blur on the canvas. The feathered, light strokes that depart from the delineated forms into that “no man’s land,” leaving one color and moving to another. This ambiguous and existential space in my paintings represents my inner spirit. I always acknowledge the clear strong lines but truly reside with those blurring strokes between them. My own identity pays homage to the distinct but feels, most at home, with that space of “transition,” the world of the lifting, drifting stroke.

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