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Gary Dawes


UK based Independent photographer / fortuitous Artist.

Works in progress 

Scotch mist..Currently shooting 2016

Gary has a very extensive and diverse background in filmmaking he is well traveled and self-taught and is now dedicating his time to still photography shooting personal work which gives him the creative freedom to explore and carry out his own ideas. To Gary in his own words,"It's all about following my own path as a freespirit which has it's own rewards. I have neither any real style technique or craft when it comes to photography, what keeps me fueled is making pictures that did not exist before and which may leave a little scope for the imagination. I am not loyal to any one given genre as it would mean neglecting all the others.The creation of new work is paramount, which for me personally is what keeps the photography interesting, alive and fun. I believe there are no hard and fast rules, Just time and light. I also believe the truth of a thing is the feel of it not the think of it and it's in these ways I like to work".

To view Gary's latest work please visit   www.dawesy.org



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