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Gavin Turk


Gavin Turk Biography - ArtLyst

Gavin Turk was Born in Guildford in 1967 and studied at the Royal College of Art 1989-1991. His MA degree was infamously not granted due to the college's misinterpretation of his theses show. The exhibition minimalistically consisted of a blue commemorative English Heritage plaque in a white room.(see Gallery). This was later purchased by Charles Saatchi and he gained notoriety as one of the Young British Artists (YBAs).

Ambiguity features as much as self-obsession throughout Turk's work. Turk's concepts play with definitions of art. His realistic sculptures, sometimes cast in bronze explore space, form, materials and social meaning.

He Currently lives and works in London

Sensation (1997)
Istanbul Biennial (1999)
'Century City', Tate Modern, London (2001)
'Remix: Contemporary Art and Pop', Tate Liverpool (2002)
'Coollustre', Collection Lambert en Avignon (2003).

Solo exhibitions include South London Gallery (1998), Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva (2000), The New Art Gallery, Walsall (2002), Schloss Eggenberg, Graz (2006), GEM Museum of Contemporary Arts In The Hague (2007), Le Magasin, Grenoble (2007), Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel (2008).

Gavin Turk

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