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Geoff Dunlop



Geoff Dunlop - artist / photographer / filmmaker / writer For most of my creative life I have made films and videos – by definition a race through time. Yet I have increasingly felt the desire, the need, to detach the images I make from their subservient role, enslaved to the narrative, shackled to the argument. So now I choose to work with stillness, with movement implied rather than explicit. I seek to create points of reflection and contemplation, even poetry. I seek a counterpoint to the dominant qualities of our culture, momentum, transformation and that most elusive and disingenuous of ideals, progress. As an organizing principle for my picture-making, I have adopted the universal phenomenon of FLOW. Flow is the contained, continuous, directed movement that is manifest in material terms, as in the flow of water, air and all forms of life, and in abstract terms, as in the flow of ideas and time. It is a phenomenon essential to all existence but, of course, it is also an attitude of mind.

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