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Geoff Wood



Working pArts is a public art and public realm consultancy practice founded by the principal, Geoff Wood and specialising in the effective integration of art into the working lives of towns and cities.  Established in 1997 the practice has built an enviable track record, offering expertise, consultancy and commissioning services that focus on the contribution art can make to the development of a humane society.  Our achievements include :


Developing policies and strategies at national, regional and city level in England and Wales.

Setting up and running complex art in architecture and art in landscape programmes.

Developing mechanisms to involve local people in art’s creative processes.

Setting up collaborations between artists and other design disciplines.

Piloting artists as design team members on public transport systems.

Citywide artists’ lightworks to improve safety, orientation and image.  

Using art and artists to humanise roadside environments.

Funding strategies, PFI, Lottery, Local Authority, Sponsorship or ERDF/ESF.

Building support through advocacy among clients, elected members, officers, business and community forums and the wider public.

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