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George Kofas



I have been active as an artist for many years having exhibited in the US and internationally. I have also served as a fine arts educator for the fine arts departments of Indiana University and the University of Maryland. I am currently teaching in a fine arts program in Japan.

My work is about Spiritual issues: the Temporal and the Eternal. 

There are two major ideologies in the art world today. One of these ideologies concerns itself only with the Physical world.

Much of Post-Modernist art, in conjunction with the “Art-for-Art’s Sake” philosophy abides in this tradition. Such art exists within limited perimeters and has no greater purpose. However another ideology concerns itself with Spiritual issues and the relationship which exists between the Physical and the Spiritual. The work of Wassily Kandinsky and Mark Rothko would be an example of this type of ideology.

My work attempts to explore issues regarding the interrelationship existing between the Physical and the Spiritual realms and attempts to present various components of the Spiritual. 




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